Everything is Political…


Everything is political now. From cartoons to movies to commercials to TV shows, to anything and everything else we see or hear. Everyone has an angle. It is no secret that TV, Radio, Newspapers and Magazines were mostly invented to sell you something. Whether that was a product, a company, an ideology or entertainment to obtain ratings, rating which means more advertisement money is made and more minds may be influenced. The most important aspects that we should seek in media are the honest and moralistic practices of whatever the entertainment/news/media vehicle is that we are watching or reading. But it is in this optimistic vein, where we walk into the tall, dark weeds.

CNN, a Time Warner Subsidiary, is filled with employees and owners that repeatedly give to the Democratic Party. Back in the 1980’s when Ronald Regan was President there were close to 50 media corporations that ran 90% of all media. Today that number is 6 media corporations and 5 of these 6 corporations: Viacom, CBS, Comcast/GE, Disney and Time Warner habitually and traditionally give money to the Democratic Party, without exception. Only one, NewsCorp, which owns Fox does not. When people watch TV, as much as they do, they are influenced. They are being programmed though they may not even know it. On TV, some news report is taken out of context to favor the left. On TV, some TV show is political to favor the left. You are being a sold a bill of goods on a daily basis and most of the time people don’t even realize it. They make fun of President Trump on Late Night Talk Shows at a rate that is unprecedented.  The story-lines, “jokes” or messages are always the same. Democrats in D.C. run and collude with the Media. This was made evident over the past few years, but most notably when Jimmy Kimmel said Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer gave him talking points to add to his monologue. During the 2016 Presidential Election the same could be said of Bill Maher, Seth Meyers, Jimmy Fallon, and everyone else for that matter, were given talking points and angles by The Clinton Campaign. This has all been proven as fact. Yet so many people buy into it. It is this reason, this propaganda in which causes the most confusion. This political confusion causes a dumbing down effect and ultimately apathy. The Left are a party of messages in hopes un-educated or ill-informed or hipster loving folks buy into their schemes. The scheme of the Left has been exposed and that is just what it is, a scheme. They want all the power. They want the money and they want to use the freedoms of this country to enhance their own lives and most importantly, to stay in power. The rest of us are supposed to just blindly follow, until we are slaves to the trade. This is what TV tells us, or at least TV stations that are owned by 5 of the 6 media corporations. Many people say it’s the system in which is the problem and they are right. The Media, The left in GOV, the policies and social organizations all work together to create a supposed leftist ideal, in which is merely a brainwashing tactic. Add that to Education, which has become more liberal in the last two decades than ever before, and anyone with half a brain can see this brainwashing of our youth in action. Young People before they really know how the world works, get home after class, put on the TV and that liberal ideology is only re-enforced. They hang out with friends and talk about this in a bubble of propaganda, in which takes over their lives and perceptions. Don’t believe what you hear. Don’t believe everything you see and definitely don’t believe that the news in this country is objective. Objectivity left long ago, right around the time the left started buying the media to voice their own messages. So if you are wondering how a liberal or Democrat could honestly believe what they say, well they are brainwashed and don’t even know it.