This is in the in the works…


From the files of Life 101 and the most common yet integral lessons that should placate every man, woman and child…Dear reader stick to your guns, always stay positive and live like no tomorrow. End of story. If all else fails and these three Life philosophies are left at the very core, then it could always be worse, but the thing with philosophies is they know nothing of reality. If you learn nothing more than you are still way ahead of the greed heads who lay in wait all along the muddy ditches of the great highway. The grind is oh so real. The struggle is forever and it’s worth noting that the great weight of survival gets heavier through nothing at all. Adrenaline, high octane fueled visions of tomorrow are what make the world go around and only those with strong fortitude and undying perseverance see the light. Well that a hell of a lot hard, hard ass work. They call it Evolution. They call it Natural Selection. They call it Only the Strong Shall Survive, but the truly wired, free spirits and minds know that we are all in this together. To those who don’t subscribe to this philosophy, well you go against Nature and if you keep the aspiring and hopefuls and hard working down then you need to be exorcised from society for the greater sake of the good. The introduction to anything worth telling or doing, as someone famous once said “success is when opportunity and hard work meet luck.” All I knew was hard work when it came to writing and of course playing even harder, but I’d never, ever been too lucky. What you are made of is constantly changing and what doesn’t kill you, well…you know that drill. I think the more life beats you up, the more you can take and if you are still breathing despite it all, then you are granite and tough and nothing can thwart your aspirations except for maybe yourself. In many ways this story is about friendship and the great path and journey life takes all of us on. It’s about connection with your fellow man and woman, but mostly it is about the great mission of self and the need to find our place in this mad, mad world. We will persevere and we will triumph, as the bold and brave often say. We will Seek The Gods if it kills us. But before any of us could move on, something had to be done, something we’d been planning for months.

It began on a truly glorious night, the kind of night that made one think of their youth and all the possibilities this world held then. Overhead in the thick ashy sky, the stars seemed as big as sparkling diamonds, which were almost reachable. It was just after 3:00 a.m. in Detroit, Michigan and very quickly we all knew that this could go either way.

“Let’s do this!” Sticks declared. Sticks was all of 125 pounds of bone and cartilage and the go to for most everybody and for most everything in college, from originally copied thesis papers to authentic syllabuses semesters before a class began to name a few. He was an equal opportunity business man so to speak with a good personality and top notch business sense. He had also due to financial concerns successfully become home base in the party arena to all factions of college: the geeks, the jocks and the generally confused, which was where I resided. So as per orders and what not, it was summer of 2017 and we were finally going to do this, like we had been threatening to do for months now, in the very town we grew up…The Motor City, a place that is usually shunned by the world at large.