They used to teach objectivity in journalism BUT opinion based subjective vitriol to induce and sway public opinion and acquiesce a certain favorable attitude towards ONE certain party that currently isn’t in power reigns supreme and THIS is all a losing party has at its disposal, propoganda and a BS assembly line working overtime to patch up a losing party that has taken more hits this year than any year before it. It is this desperate plea by the DEMS who are staring down the barrel of futility, point blank, that all the stops and tricks must be pulled for survival. Secret Service is stepping up their game and rightfully so, because the LIVES of many ESTEEMED HIGHER UPS in a CORRUPT DEMOCRATIC PARTY depend on THE GOP falling off and being derailed by any means necessary, no matter the truth. And these HIGHER UPS are beloved by half the country, even worshipped by some sections of the world and what may be coming down the pike will cause America to flip on its axis and if you thought 1967 was bad, it could get a whole lot worse when CRIMES of the past 8 YEARS come to light and many take a collective breath that anyone named Clinton didn’t win this year. When celebrities spout off at the behest and whims of their bosses, bosses who gave huge chunks of cash flow to those NOT currently in power and globalists who want more for themselves and less for the everyday man and woman, than you have to wonder what the motives are of actors or musicians or D-List comedians who are interested in continuously working. When backed into a corner, rats will attack know that. The celebrity card is a powerful Democratic WEAPON to sway public opinion. What globalists are afraid of is not POTUS, but what he represents and that is AMERICA, how this country IS and WAS supposed to be before greedy little hustlers tried to turn it into a third world country and a check cashing place regarding QUESTIONABLE FOREIGN GOV checks for services rendered and strip us of our red, white and blue. It will get a whole lot harrier here, believe that, because the CORRUPT will not go away without a fight and their kind runs deep. Know that.