“Politics can’t be spelled without ‘tics’,” Orwell.


James A. Rice

It’s all coming down to Hillary Clinton not wanting to go to jail. That’s the bottom line. The laundry list of those with the hammer coming down are now campaigning for her or supporting her out of sheer fright. The stakes are high, no one looks to be spared and The Democrats are racing against the clock.

In the last HRC Rally, on October 27, 2016 with Michelle Obama, Hillary sat down and listened to Michelle shill for her husband’s legacy…Obamacare. Yet off to the side, there she was, the first female presidential candidate sitting in a chair and bobbling her head for fifteen minutes straight with that sad, vacant, glossy eyed look in her eyes that friends and counselors of sociopaths and/or pill poppers everywhere know all too well. Yes. It’s serious now and the reality that such a lying, phony, calculating corrupt candidate could become the leader of the free world, keeps the sane up at night. Politics is dirty pool, but these Democratic concocted fictional storylines are enough to make the heads on Mt. Rushmore spin.

With Uranium One and deleting 30,000 emails AFTER a subpoena, the Clinton Campaign is in serious spin mode and Donald Trump is the target. He is ground zero. They are gunning for him and they won’t ever stop until they are in jail or dead. To delete emails, for those who have maybe deleted history from their computers due to whatever one maybe looking at proves a few things. First, she didn’t want anyone to see these emails. And two, this wasn’t a browsing history, this was history. End of story. 30,000 emails is enough material to keep the Democrats under the jail for the next two decades. Gee, just how did she skirt any serious allegations? See Also: The swamp runs deep.

Sorry to interrupt your scheduled program but we have breaking news…Donald J. Trump has groped yet another woman. We don’t actually have proof of this, but “unnamed sources” that is “sources close to the matter” have reported to us, CNN that Donald J. Trump, the man running for President, possibly groped someone. Or looked at them in a sexual manner. Or said something to the effect of “Hi, don’t you look beautiful today?” The woman in question, an ex-stripper now on Welfare that Trump met at a charity event in 1981 and is seen here in a photo with Donald Trump has said that she isn’t after money, even though she is on food stamps and has a small pill and drinking problem. She is a good woman who just wants to set the record straight. Just three minutes ago, we had already brought you the most recent story of The Miss USA contestant who says Donald J. Trump looked at her funny on The David Letterman Show back in 2002 and now this. Women voters have been polled and all women right now are voting for our Queen, I mean Hillary Clinton. Once again, we can confirm, though not yet with any proof that this truly happened due to sources we cannot cite due to legal reasons. This is Anderson Cooper reporting and I have to say, speaking on behalf of all women everywhere, I am appalled by these accusations…And now back to your regularly scheduled program…The ABC News Special of Beyonce on The View…

The women who have accused Trump of sexual abuse aren’t suing Trump after all, well no shit? My guess it’s because the allegations are as thin as Bill Maher’s hairline and everyone in the media knows it. It is no secret that these women were wheeled out by a Hillary Rodham Clinton backed-completely funded Media Campaign right before a big election. We’ve seen this dirty tactic before and many times it has worked in spades. This election however makes the great mud slinging of the past look like elementary school recess: Al Gore inventing the Internet, Obama saying “Hillary will do and say anything to be elected,” Michelle Obama adding that “If Hillary can’t run her own house, how’s she going to run the White House?” in 2008, Hillary invoking the birther movement by first putting out pics of Barrack Obama in Muslim Sheik fabulous, Mitt Romney running a shady business, George W. Bush and his cocaine habit, but oh my how the snake has shedded its skin. An election year in politics makes for good bedfellows and this year in a corrupt system, they’re all whores.

If The DNC pays people to start fights at Trump rallies, which has been confirmed through The Project Veritas tapes and James O’Keefe, than why would it be a stretch to think the DNC would pay women to come forward and cry on cue?

Some of these women have Clinton Foundation ties, while others surely could have used the cash and while it is no secret that Donald Trump loves woman, as most billionaires tend to do, the timing of these vicious attacks smells like a school of rotting carp basking in a hot August sun. Her High Queeness and all the queen’s Media Men seem to think nothing of using the social bombshell of sexual abuse as a political tool, but so far they are just that – big fat floppy fish stories. In perpetuating these horrid myths they are mocking real sexual abuse victims and using a very horrible problem for political gain like some 400 pound bully and that’s just as bad as the act itself or maybe even worse. My God where does it end? What the hell is next in this clouded world of political dirt and torture? Maybe the DNC will come forward with breaking news about how Donald J. Trump hates sunny days, rainbows and unicorns. That’s where the DNC is heading nowadays…straight into the fiery pit of hell and just in time. When a politician plays a sad tune with the heart strings of many millions of women, we must look at what motivates this orchestral sicko and possible president. Hillary Rodham Clinton claims to be an advocate for women’s rights, but anyone manipulating the very serious and heinous act of sexual abuse itself and ranting about misogyny to deflect from her past personal horrorshow for political influence REEKS of a sociopathic ploy that most criminals in Folsom would be in awe of. Is it innocent until proven guilty? Did we change that part too? I can’t keep up, but what the fuck?

More news to come most surely. There is no other quote that comes to mind regarding this sinister election more so than the aptly put line by Colonel Kurtz in Joseph Conrad’s Heart Of Darkness, “The horror. The horror…”

We know Hillary Clinton has illegally scoured tax and income info of her political enemies in the past through illegal IRS findings, corrupt connections and incessant searches, like Watergate on Steroids. Only Hillary is quickly making Richard Milhouse Nixon look like a boy scout in need of an honesty badge.

This “Trump is a groper” phenomenon it has been discovered through WikiLeaks, was a badly written fictional and political plot first concocted by The Hillary Clinton Campaign back in May of 2016, where smug Clinton campaigners penned fake Craigslist ads to dirty up and forever coin Trump as The Official Men Are Pigs Mascot Of All Time. That must have been a hoot to discuss at Campaign parties, but to those still harping against it – WikiLeaks is your friend and yes it’s ALL REAL. Look it up if you’re bored and that goes to anyone at the NY Times, Washington Post, ABC News, NBC, Yahoo, yes Michael Moore, Bill Maher, Stephen Colbert, Keith O “The Closer,” Anderson Cooper, etc…take your collective mouths off her highness’s feed bag for a second to look at the facts. Now there, isn’t that better? Nothing like facts for a breath of fresh air.

There is sufficient evidence to support the claim that when Hillary Rodham Clinton says, “Hi, it’s nice to see you and it’s nice to be here to talk with you,” she’s already lied three times.

There are many in the media fighting for their wallets and most people would, but it’s way past desperate now. The Media Figureheads and Mouth Breathers if you already didn’t know are selling out, but it wouldn’t be the first time. What’s the worst a President can do anyways? Start a Third World War? My question is this…where will Paid Media Mouthpiece Shills spend that money, when all the Department stores are rubble and WW3 is bearing down on us like a woman scorned?

Hell hath no fury indeed

And now this just in…how “horrible” was it for Donald Trump to take three hours off his campaign to see his family and announce his new Post Office project that he has been constructing for years? How dispicable to The American People and how truly deplorable of him to do that…now back to Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel throwing darts at a big orange hairy picture of Donald J. Trump.

We all know the CEO’S Media’s opinions are bought and paid for by God complex men and women such as Prince Alwaleed, George Soros, Rothschilds, Time Warner, Disney, and well, you know the drill. Rich men wanting more, wanting to rule the world. Isn’t this like every villain in every superhero movie? It’s been going on for years in the Democratic Party, why stop now? In fact, the total disregard for journalism is now no more apparent than the complete and unprecedented mud being flung at Donald Trump in this year’s election. It’s a total shit storm the likes of which no one human in the history of humans will likely ever go through again, short of death.

The Media isn’t even worried about facts anymore and these are the people really running the Hillary show, so ask yourself…what is worse? A woman who has lied under oath 39 times…a woman who has deleted 33,000 emails, probably very revealing and insidious and heinous emails for her to do so…there are already newfound insights into Judge Scalia’s death, who was found dead with a pillow over his face and yet the official ruling from GOV is that there was no need for an autopsy…the trail of dead, the wake of corpses left behind by those who get in the way of The Clinton Machine is staggering and nauseating. Google is your friend. Some 20+ people and I will spare you the carnage of each case, but here’s The Cliff Notes Version of that moment in history…Most of these 20+ deaths were ruled suicide according to reports, which is strange. All these people associated with The Clintons finally just said, enough is enough? I can’t take the world anymore? Many also died in plane crashes…most notably JFK Jr., who’s death led to Hillary becoming Senator in New York, but I digress. There is one report of a “suicide” where the victim had three bullets in the back of his head, or what about Seth Rich, a political insider for Hillary who was found to be releasing info. Info you say? Like WikiLeaks before Putin got ahold of it? He was mugged and shot, yet no wallet, money or anything else was taken…not even his shoes. The investigation just stopped in its tracks. Now Hillary and her people blame WikiLeaks on Russia, a good argument now that the only person who could refute it is dead. There are many others, but nobody is dumb enough to stare down the jaws of her highness. During the 2nd Debate, Hillary Clinton said 17 intel agencies point to Russia and WikiLeaks, but what “intel agencies?” Can we get at least ONE official agency’s name or maybe even ONE official person with proof? Or does Hillary just make stuff up, say anything like Obama said, to get a political foothold? It seems she does, as it came out some time later that Podesta was hacked, because he fell for a “change your password” phishing screen, in which he did and thus gave access to his email accounts. But hey it’s not like she’s ever lied like that before, not even hundreds of times..

This just in…Donald J. Trump says he wants to fix America and restore this country to greatness, what an orange haired baboon buffoon! Now back to Bill Maher and his new show…Political Crotch Rotch…

I think the real stories are those that have been suppressed the most…like, Vince Foster, one time Clinton friend who was to testify, but left a note instead saying he cannot ruin people’s lives like the Clintons do so unscrupulously. Before he was to go before the court he committed “suicide,” a father and husband – just committing suicide? Ah, no big deal, it’s happened before. So many suicides in the Clinton circle, they should form counseling groups for others to cope with it, yet they press on unaffected.

The corruption is so deep and so heinous many cannot even fathom it. They call it crazy right wing conspiracies and that’s how they want the people to think…oh those crazy right wingers. Still, these are facts and there are 20 more stories just like Vince’s and we won’t even get into Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Dolly Kyle, Maria Furtwangler, Belinda Stronach, Sally Perdue, Juanita Broaddick, Gennifer Flowers and whoever else Bill turned to for comfort and relief from her Highness. Hillary tormented these women like a rabid pit bull to keep them quiet and to not interfere with her hopeful Presidential bid one day. And that day has come. We are witnessing the end game of those decade long struggles playing out right before our very eyes. She hung in there for a reason and to be the First Female President is her undying goal. Do you know she inquired the IRS to audit Kathleen Willey in an attempt to silence her, to keep her quiet and scare her? True story. Her scare tactics would put Don Correlone to shame.

And now this just in…Donald J. Trump, it has been confirmed through many CNN backed polls is in fact a male pig! He truly does disgust women everywhere. Take our word for it! According to our MSNBC and CNN and Huffington Post polls, 100% of all women cannot stand Donald J. Trump. Donald makes women’s skin crawl and he also has less than a 1% chance to win the election. My name is Don Lemon and now back to your originally scheduled program of George Stephanopoulos interviewing the second most recent Donald Trump abuse claim, a female reporter who met Donald 11 years ago during an interview and somehow didn’t have her tape recorder on, but she says The Butler saw it all…

And it’s right there. It’s hidden in plain sight, hidden for everyone to see in the 2nd debate, RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR FACES, where she confirmed in front of 70+ million people that WIkiLeaks is the real deal by defending her 2 faced comments, which came to light in her Goldman Sachs WikiLeaks email, where she told bankers all about her “public and private persona.” But hey, she said Abe Lincoln was also 2 faced, so she is in good company. Side Note: One secret service guy paid to protect her got clubbed in the face with a Holy Bible by a hostile Hillary for being there or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time or breathing or something. I’m sure Matt Lauer had something to do with it. Honestly, I think I like her private persona a bit more, at least there’s some honesty in that hostility.

This just in…When President Hillary Rodham Clinton fell over during the Sept. 11th, Memorial it is now confirmed as fact that she had pneumonia. So she will be fine. Rest Assured General Public. We all get pneumonia. It’s no big deal. Her Doctor said with a smile, drink plenty of orange juice Mrs. Clinton, rest up, and you’ll be back to your old self in no time. Way to go Doc, a true America hero! And now back to Keith “The Closer” Olberman getting spastic about why dead people and illegal immigrants should be able to vote…

Health is an up and down issue for us all, as we all know. The last two Clinton rallies in late October, saw her sitting on a chair until it was her time to speak. Not a big deal, after all she’s like anyone’s evil crooked Mafiosa Grandmother running for President. She did need help up one step in the last one, but it was just after a nap and one rally two nights before. Yet, we won’t report on that…it might make her look “unfit.” And let’s not get into her being hauled off into a Van by four secret service guys like an old drunk after last call. She was standing for a whole twenty minutes that time, before a team of security guards and secret service threw her in a van like a loopy rag doll.

And now Brief Cliff Notes on the past 30 Clinton years:

-Orchestrating Uranium One deal to Russia.

-Lying about Benghazi – “Four Americans Died…what difference does it make?”

-Comey and all those lies and wire transfers.

-Inciting violence at Trump rallies, paying people $1500 and an I Phone to cause shit. See Also: Project Veritas.

-Starting a rift with Russia for political reasons, most notably her being elected to avoid prison time. WW3? Who cares about that? This woman must win!

-Taking Haiti’s money during a national disaster.

-Double duty as Secretary of State, while bamboozling millions and millions, nice gig eh?

-Being a crooked Hillary.

Sorry to interrupt your scheduled program…but Donald J. Trump, the man running as a Republican for President just said 11 years ago that he likes to grab women by the “pussy.” His words not mine. Has that been mentioned yet? Boy, how horrible for women to hear everywhere in America. Ok, and now back to Michael Moore reading The Pledge Of Allegiance at Carnegie Hall…

The Media Manipulators…Maher, Keith O “The Closer,” Colbert, Moore and so many more that giddy up the new dumb in a frenzy of great phony spectacle are fighting for their paychecks, plain and simple. End of story. Money runs the show and not your undying fandom. They are lobbying for your vote so they are not cancelled, outcast and exposed, as the true selfish vermin they really are. But hey these are just jokes folks and how bad could a Hillary Presidency be? We pay taxes already, so why not just siphon that money straight into the top dog’s bank account?

And now a statement from The Committee of Common Sense and a View From The Other Side Of The Coin: Let it be known to every Mouth Breather owned by a Corrupt Biased Media Greedhead and we know who you are…in a Donald J. Trump presidency there is reported to be many more jobs out there, so if you have been skewering Donald J. Trump, because you’re an ass it might not be the end of the world. Buck up media liberal suck ups, a new job just might be out there for you!

In Clinton Campaign meetings everywhere, there is much discussion. Refer Back To Possible Clinton Presidential Political Solutions to Avoid Prison: “Plane Crash” “Suicide,” More “abuse” stories, “Donald J. Trump is really a Russian Spy?” Yeah that might work

Wars have been fought over much less

To scrape all the scum off this election, This is Lord Of The Flies territory and everyone is grabbing the biggest sharpest stick they can find. It will no doubt come in handy. Yes. It’s official and it has finally been revealed, truth, justice, freedom, The Oval Office, The American Way and liberty is used as currency now. Yes, We The People are like that dog that’s been kicked at for so long that one sunny morning that dog  snaps back and bites off a face or three.

And now, sorry to interrupt again, but this just in…Hi, I’m Anderson Cooper and even though Jessica Drake’s new blockbuster is coming out, there is no reason to dismiss these sick pajama groping allegations against misogynist and deplorable Donald J. Trump, a Republican who truly disrespects and hates women and a Republican that must be stopped…at all costs…because I don’t want to die due to suicide! Young People listen to me, Anderson Pooper here, the cool guy in cool glasses, it’s your time to be heard. Vote for her Queen highness right now, I mean vote for Hillary. She is warm and fuzzy and she was on Between Two Ferns once, so she’s cool man. Ok. Thank you America and now back to a Hillary Clinton Rally where it is confirmed that 100,000 people not 100 people as first indicated probably showed up in droves and it wasn’t even Green-Screened or fake at all!…

It has sunk to this. America and The White House is the great barter, the ultimate business card and negotiating tool for real leverage to make the really big bucks. It worked for Hillary when she was Secretary of State and with the title President of The United States, there’s no telling how much that’s worth. Back the truck up America and stay tuned, because The Lord Of The Flies might just prove to be a true story. And I wish I was kidding, because a bobblehead Hillary with the nuclear codes is scarier than all The Exorcist movies wrapped up into one.

There’s only so many times the gravy train can barrel into the station, before someone tries to derail it. If there is a God, a serious train wreck just might be coming soon to a polling station near you.

May God Bless Donald Trump, because no priest, no superhero, no Obi Wan Kenobi or anybody else has ever been pitted against corrupt evil like this before.